Help on the way to Afghans under pressure

Mission East staff are ready to deliver emergency aid in northeastern Afghanistan as soon as security is in place and the money can arrive.

Hawija is the sole breadwinner for five children. She lives in a remote village in Afghanistan with her two younger sisters. Hawija is not allowed to work and is not even allowed to go outside without a male companion from the family. The two sisters cannot continue their education. Girls are not allowed to go to school beyond 6th grade. Officially because there are not enough teachers and therefore higher education is prioritized for the boys.

- It is heartbreaking, says Mohammad Aslam, who is Mission East's country director in Afghanistan and knows the small family.

- How are they going to cope? There are thousands of families in the same situation. It is completely unbearable. The families are traumatized, yes the whole nation is traumatized, says Mohammad Aslam in a Teams meeting with Mission East's headquarters.

The banks have begun to open

But there are bright spots. Banks have begun to open, allowing individuals to withdraw up to $ 200 and companies to withdraw larger amounts from their deposits. And Mission East's 100 local staff in the country are ready to resume relief work in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces in northeastern Afghanistan.

The local staff have received professional support and guidance in coping and acting in extreme conditions, and Mohammad Aslam is in telephone contact with them throughout the day to support and show unity in the organization.

The Taliban have asked Mission East in writing to resume the project work, but the role of female staff is still unclear. Can female staff travel to the field and teach the people and work alongside their male colleagues both in the field and in the office?

Mission East is preparing emergency relief

Mission East is already conducting a needs survey among the population and the stock of hygiene items and kitchen equipment has been distributed to those with the greatest need. As soon as the opportunity opens up - both in terms of security and access to finances - Mission East will continue distributing emergency aid to more than 1,500 families in need in the area.

- We are very grateful for all the compassion and support we have received from Mission East and other partners in this difficult situation, concludes Mohammad Aslam.

Hawija is a cover name for the sake of the person's safety.