Families fleeing fighting in northern Afghanistan

Mission East has distributed hygiene kits and installed latrines in IDP camp near Taloqan and Faizabad to prevent infectious diseases.

Last week Mission East staff in Afghanistan handed out 480 boxes of hygiene items to families who have fled the fighting between the Taliban and government forces in the city of Kunduz and other places in northern Afghanistan.

The displaced families have taken refuge in various open spaces around Taloqan, Faizabad and other towns. The majority of the IDPs are living in tents. The need for help is enormous, and includes needs for food, improved shelter – suitable for the winter, emergency water and sanitation, and psychosocial support.

Mission East has responded quickly and distributed hygiene items to prevent the spread of diseases. At the same time Mission East staff built ten temporary latrines - five for women and five for men. Mission East is now further assessing the situation in order to scale up the assistance.

In Afghanistan Mission East is working in the provinces of Baghlan, Takhar and Badakhshan. The organisation works on establishing water systems, building passable roads and supports sustainable agriculture in the area. At the same people are trained to work the land with resilient crops and to manage and prevent natural disasters. Mission East action counteracts poverty and helps people who are victims of conflict and natural disaster.

Two weeks ago hundreds of Taliban fighters attacked the strategically important city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan and captured the hospital, police station and freed hundreds of Islamist prisoners from the city jail. Mission East is following the situation closely.