Afghan father: 'My wife is ill; now I can take her to the hospital'

Mission East provides cash assistance to thousands of vulnerable people in Afghanistan. One of the recipients is Anwar, who has lost a leg and has eight children to support.

In the midst of political uncertainty and changing Corona variants, Mission East is working hard to bring aid to the most vulnerable in Afghanistan.

Cash for food

880 families have already received the financial aid package "Cash for food". This applies to households in the districts of Argo, Darayem and Wardo. A total of 1.750 households have been identified as the most vulnerable and receive cash grants so they can make ends meet.

One of the recipients is Anwar from Badakshan Province. He lost a leg in one of the country's previous conflicts and his family is plagued by illness and disability.

Hard to get food on the table

Anwar has five daughters and three sons, but only his eldest son, who lives in the city, earns money for the family. Another son helps out next door and gets some food or money in return. The last son has had polio and continues with ill-health after the illness.

The family obviously has a hard time getting food on the table.

Anwar says:

- I do not own a house or a plot. My son has had polio and has difficulty walking, just like me.

Earns a little over six dollars a day

- My wife has a chronic illness. I have struggled to get her treatment in a good hospital and buy the necessary medicine.

He continues:

- My oldest son works in the city so we can make ends meet. He is the only one who has an income. Most days he might earn 100 afghani (under 1 Euro). For that money, we can hardly buy rice and vegetables - and no meat at all, as food prices have risen drastically.

Can now buy food, medical care and fuel

Therefore, the help of Mission East arrives at a much needed time:

- I'm so happy and grateful! Now I can take my wife to the hospital 30 miles away. I will also spend some of the money on food, fuel and other necessities for the winter, Anwar says.

Anwar points out how important Mission East's relief work is right now:

- Humanitarian organizations like Mission East are a necessity for vulnerable families like us - now more than ever!