Improving Livelihood, Food Security and Civil Society of Mara Community in Southern Chin State, Myanmar

Project background

This project is part of a multi-country programme working with partners across 4 countries (Myanmar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Armenia),  with the aim of strengthening civil society to help communities and individuals overcome poverty, marginalisation and vulnerability.  In Myanmar, the programme addresses the remote and underserved Mara Community (Chin state) who experience persistent food security challenges due to non-sustainable agricultural practice.  The programme aims to improve resilience,  as well as more inclusive participation by traditionally discriminated groups (including people with disabilities).

Project aims

Overall project aim - To improve food security and promote inclusion of marginalized groups in the Mara community through locally-rooted civil society structures that transfer skills and knowledge on inclusion and resilience to their communities.

Anticipated Outcomes: 
1 Civil society actors have increased knowledge and capacity to promote inclusion and resilience (through food security) in the Mara community.
2. Duty bearers improve in their implementation of inclusion approaches (upholding rights of marginalized groups) and resilience approaches (implementing effective land, water and forest management).

Project action

1. Capacity building of partners, CSOs and stakeholders on inclusion and resilience;
2. Training for Family Farmer Groups on agriculture, nutrition, food processing, family management, water management, financial management, and cooperative business approaches; and training for SHGs on nutrition, food preparation and food preservation;
3. Maintaining HHM & TSD Model Farms for Practical Farmer Training;
4. Training for duty bearers on human/women‘s/DAP/land rights;
5. Duty Bearers are equipped with technical input for advocating the rights of most marginalized and vulnerable groups and new policy making

Project details

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