Living Together, Learning Together: A Child's Right to Quality Inclusive Education/Phase 2

Project background

The continued marginalization of people with disabilities, especially children with disabilities, hinders their participation in civil society. Currently, school facilities and curriculum still lack appropriate means and resources to cater to children with disabilities or special education needs. This leaves them limited in their future, both socially and economically, as they are denied a basic level of education.

Project aims

This project aims to secure the rights of children with disabilities and special needs in education to receive quality inclusive education. The project will achieve this by enhancing quality inclusive education in 65 schools, strengthening and empowering the 65 Parent Support Groups in those schools, and empowering Civil Society to promote the model of Universal Inclusive System of Education (UISE).

Project action

The project activities focus on strengthening the resources, materials and advocacy of inclusive education. Teachers and psycho-pedagogical support services will receive capacity building on inclusive education and special educational needs. Parents will be encouraging and supported to join the Parent Support Groups advocating for the rights of children with disabilities. These groups will join a larger network, mobilizing nationwide parents to advocate for the rights of their children to equal access to quality inclusive education. The project will also mobilize the multi-sectorial effort to finalize the Tavush model of Universal Inclusive System of Education to advance and replicate the model throughout Armenia.

Project details

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Project status

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