Social Services 4 Inclusion

Project background

There are roughly 24,500 children with disabilities in Tajikistan, and only one in five children currently receive adequate specialized care. The social sector is suffering from a shortage in adequate services, flaws in quality of service and general exclusion of people with disabilities in civil society. Currently, early intervention and timely referral systems fall short, services focus mainly on medical solutions rather than rehabilitation efforts, and care systems are generally outdated. 

As well as the lack of adequate services for children with disabilities, many experience marginalization, stigmatization and discrimination, and in worst case scenarios, the infringement of their basic human rights. These are not just experienced by the child itself, but also by the family, which excludes them from participating in civil society.

Project aims

The project aims to support the rights and services of people with disabilities, specifically children with disabilities, in the most at-risk communities within the provinces of Gorno Badakshan, Khatlon and Sughd in Tajikistan.

By supporting rights and services for people with disabilities, the project aims to reduce their social exclusion by improving the access and quality of social services, support the development of social services systems, and coordinate action for community-based rehabilitation through centres, parent support groups, Social Assistance at Home and Primary Healthcare Workers.

Project action

Together with local partners and civil society, Mission East is carrying out community-awareness, advocacy, identification and registration of people with disability.  Through the advocacy and community awareness raising, the project will empower people with disabilities. 

The project will also facilitate the development of quality standards, methodologies and good practices for social care, which allows for effective and transparent coordination, monitoring and evaluation, allowing the engagement of civil society in the sustainable social service provision in the country. 

The project will also support the creation of social services, and the improved quality of existing services, including their expansion and adaptation, to adhere to the quality standards, and reflect the good practices, developed.

Project details

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