Contacting Mission East about serious complaints

Mission East welcomes complaints and feedback and takes all complaints very seriously.  You can report serious and sensitive complaints here, including cases of: violations of the Mission East Code of Conduct, corruption, suspected sexual exploitation or abuse, or other grave misconduct, by any of the Mission East staff, our partners or contractors in any of the countries we work.

If you would like to leave other feedback or complaint about the services we provide in the countries where we work, we would encourage you to take contact directly with our country offices. If you are currently employed by Mission East, please use the channels for reporting misconduct, whistleblowing, and grievances instead.
If you wish to make a serious or sensitive complaint, you choose one of the two ways to write to us:
(All complaints will be treated confidentially)

1. You can send your complaint over e-mail to this address:

2. You can also use the report form below:
A name and the details of the complaint are the only things that have to be filled in.  The other details will help us contact you further if you want.

Please tell us how you would like us to refer to you.
Can you tell us where you are? As with most fields this is optional but it will help us deal with the complaint

How can we get back to you?

If you want us to follow up this complaint with you then we need some way of contacting you.  Can you provide at least one of the following contact methods if you would like a reply
If you would like us to contact you in a different way than listed then please tell us here

Please describe your complaint:

Please enter the details of your complaint here. If it is long you might find it easier to type it up on your computer first and then paste it here instead