Support now. They have lost everything and must have their hopes restored!

Help people who are displaced

Thousands of children, women and families are displaced. They live in miserable conditions and are in urgent need of help to survive and recover.

In 2014, Islamic State attacked the Yezidis - a minority in the northern Iraqi province of Sinjar - simply because they have a different faith!

IS ruthlessly slaughtered thousands of Yezidis,  beheaded boys and men, raped women and sold girls as sex slaves. The survivors were forced to seek refuge on Mount Sinjar; without water, food or shelter.

Thousands of displaced children, women and families still need help to repair and rebuild shattered houses; help with schooling and work; and yes, help to get hope and love back.



We continue to help displaced populations when the cameras are turned off

At Mission East, we are rapidly advancing with emergency relief, ensuring tolerable conditions for internally displaced people. Although the world quickly forgets them when the TV cameras are off, we persist.

Today we are operating children's centers and projects in and around Sinjar, which help the Yezidis get back on their feet. We maintain wells, build latrines, ensure them a livelihood with sewing and food production.

Support displaced people

Yet, that does not mean that displaced and especially vulnerable communities can suddenly manage themselves. They have been deprived of everything of value and crushed as human beings. They still need help.

If you want to make a difference, you can quickly support our work with displaced people and refugees.

Together we make a difference – Let’s do it today!

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