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Fight against Corona hunger

When it rains, it pours. This is something refugees, internally displaced people and people affected by poverty know right now only too well. Especially when it comes to not having enough food to survive.

First they were affected by the Corona pandemic and now they are threatened by hunger. In many of the places where Mission East works, the situation is so severe that many say they would rather be infected with Coronavirus than die of starvation.

Many were already chronically malnourished or had difficulty getting enough food for themselves and their families. The Corona crisis has pushed them over the edge.

Although the number of recorded Corona deaths in Nepal, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq is relatively low for the time being, thanks to a timely relief effort focused on hygiene, millions of people are already without food as a result of the shutdown both locally and globally. Only one thing now counts: time.


Give food to people who have lost their livelihood during the corona crisis

Each relief package includes: Oil, pasta, rice, lentils, canned vegetables, canned fish, hygiene articles

  • For only 47 Euro, you can give a whole family food for a whole month
  • For only 94 Euro, you give the same to 2 families for a whole month
  • For only 141 Euro, you give three families emergency rations for a whole month

Shutdown affects the livelihoods of the most vulnerable

The shutdown has hit those who are already the most vulnerable, especially hard. In the countries covered by Mission East's relief efforts, large parts of the workforce depend on small jobs. They can no longer work. Homework from the computer is not an option. Even those who are still able to buy food have a harder and harder time because food distribution has stopped, prices have exploded, purchasing power has weakened and curfew and assembly ban have crippled all trade. Children who previously had the only meal of the day in school, go to bed hungry because the schools are closed.

In Nepal, 3 out of 5 have lost their livelihood. The majority of them are women. They get no help.

Even in Lebanon, it is not just the Syrian and Palestinian refugees that are starving. An increasing proportion of the Lebanese population is not being fed. The World Bank predicts that over 50% of Lebanese will soon reach the poverty line. In Nepal, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, there are no state aid packages to rely on when income and meals are lost. All humanitarian alarm bells ring.

This is how Mission East fights corona hunger

Mission East has responded in record time to the seriousness of the situation with a comprehensive relief effort that could save the lives of up to 625,000 people at risk of dying from hunger.

Since March, we have helped thousands of people, even in some of the world's most war-torn areas in Syria and Afghanistan, and even in some of Nepal's most impassable mountain districts. We have one purpose: to ensure help in time. It is critical in a humanitarian state of emergency like this. Therefore, your efforts are extra crucial now.

Make sure that more emergency aid boxes arrive

Hard-working people who get up every morning and work diligently for the survival of the whole family under almost impossible conditions do not deserve to be deprived of their ability to sustain life. The Corona epidemic hits them double. Those who do not die of corona run the risk of dying from hunger. It costs so little to choose life. For only 47 Euro, you can ensure a box of emergency aid for a whole month to be brought out to a family. Thank you for choosing to step in.



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